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What's NEW?


Starting November 15, 2014, the Security Deposit Requirement for our franchise will be increased to Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000) from Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2,000) and be renamed to "Performance and Security Deposit.

The Performance and Security Deposit will be held by the Company to secure itself from unpaid billed charges, non performance of duties mentioned in the franchise contract, advances or any damages owed by the Lesse to the company. The Performance and Security Deposit will be returned if the Lesse has paid all the charges, depts to and advances by the company.


What is ULOAD?

ULOAD is as self-interactive machine, which supports E-loading services for six (6) mobile operators. Fast and efficient monitoring system, with advance GPRS technology that can support other services in the future.

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Why choose ULOAD?

Modern.First in the country Kiosk yet very easy to manage type of business.
Less Labor Cost.Minimal man power needed.
Low Initial Investment.Gives good profit with faster return.
Guaranteed Customer Service Support.Provides assistance and support to end users.


Future Services


Retailer Sim

Make A Call

Load RFID and E-Pass


ULOAD Partners

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